Studio 25 Boxes

Studio package is suitable for small room from share accomodation or studio. Ideally it will save you trip to box shop as we deliver our studio moving boxes. Hire plastic moving boxes in Sydney is cheaper then buying cardboard box and it is a lot convenient to move your house or apartment with our moving boxes.

One Bedroom 35 moving box

One bedroom package includes 35 moving boxes for hire. After every lease we ask people that the boxes we delivered were enough and 90% of people says they just about right. Hire moving boxes means you save time buying the boxes and worrying about how to get rid of boxes.

Two bedroom/small office 45 plastic moving boxes for hire

Two bedroom package content 45 boxes is suitable for two bedroom house or small office. eco-friendly plastic moving boxes are good for environment as cardboard boxes are one time use compare to our plastic moving boxes can be used many times.

3 Bedroom/medium office 70 rental moving boxes

Weatherproof construction of our plastic moving boxes makes them ideal for moving as they have handles and interlock lid which makes them perfect moving boxes. Moving crates doesn't soak up water like cardboard box and without fear of them getting damaged.

4-5 Bedroom/Large office plastic moving boxes hire in Sydney

Plastic moving boxes are used by nearly all Removals in Sydney. Due to security and protection. Moving boxes can stacked on each other and more sturdy then cardboard boxes. we offer wide range of moving boxes and crates plus moving supplies so you can move your house or office as simple and easy as possible.